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Project Kick-off

Who's this for?

Don't know where to begin? Wondering how to present your idea to a software development agency? Before you start, wouldn't you like to know how much time and money your adventure will cost?

Reduce the risk of a bad start, leap forward and get alignment on next steps. The Cliento Kick-off is for entrepreneurs who care about doing the right thing in addition to doing the thing right !

What’s included?

Inspired by Lean Inception, the Cliento Kick-off is a coaching service that allows you to clarify your minimum viable product (MVP). In addition to the MVP canvas, at the end of the exercise you'll get everything you need to start software development.

  • Questionnaire and templates:
    • documents to clarify the context of your project, your vision, your software product idea, your users and their needs ;
    • examples to help you formulate what you need to validate with your MVP.
  • Workshops (2 virtual meetings of 3 hours):
    • We discuss your responses and work together to identify the user journeys and key functionalities required to meet the needs of your users ;
    • we define together the scope of your MVP.
  • Deliverables:
    • high-level architecture diagram to realize your MVP ;
    • screen flows and wireframes to make your MVP ;
    • fixed price proposal to build your MVP ;
  • Q&A: Follow-up call to discuss next steps and answer your questions.

Price: $ 6,500


Still have questions?

What is an MVP?

An MVP is not a complete product, but rather a small piece of application that allows you to validate a key hypothesis. This validation allows you to decide whether to continue with your idea, pivot or stop altogether.

Does it include market and competition analysis?

No. In the Cliento Kick-Off, you represent the voice of your customers and users. It is your responsibility to carry out the upstream business analysis activities.

Can I use the results of the Kick-off Cliento to carry out the realization with another development partner?

Yes of course! The MVP canvas, the wireframes as well as the architectural diagrams belong to you. With the fixed price proposal, you'll have everything you need to get quotes from other suppliers.

What they say

Valérie and I share the same principles of transparency, openness, and respect. We value each individual’s contribution towards our common goal of Let’s Warp’s success. This alignment promotes a team effort that quickly bears fruit!

Being able to challenge, brainstorm, and openly discuss different approaches with Valerie allows us to make the best decisions. She reminds us of certain software development principles at the right times and explains why they are important.

Valerie’s technical expertise allows us to avoid mistakes and quickly guide us towards the right solutions, saving us from potential problems, as well as time and money. Her knowledge in software design and AWS, as well as her organizational skills, are significant assets. Valerie enables us to see our blind spots to make informed decisions.

While not claiming to know everything, which is impossible in such a changing world, Valerie knows where to look. Her passion and desire to learn mean that she quickly finds solutions to guide our teams.

For managers like me, Valerie is a perfect match! Trust is quickly established.

Jean-Francois Renaud, Head of Development at Let's Warp

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