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Advisory Retainer, CTO on demand

Who's this for?

Get ongoing access to the expertise you need when you need it! Designed specifically for non-technical founders who face technology, process, and cultural challenges.

My participation at this level will allow you to obtain transformative organizational advantages!

What’s included?

Your advisory retainer gives you unlimited 24/7 access to my experience via phone, email and chat. As part of this commitment, I can:

  • Identify problems and risks in your current architecture, communicate them with transparency and support you with resolution ;
  • Advise on technology choices that focus on the unique, value-adding elements of your software product, and avoid reinventing the wheel ;
  • Guide you in upgrading your software development process by drawing inspiration from Lean, Agile and DevOps ;
  • Support your technical leaders by sharing best practices and assisting them in solving complex situations ;
  • Strengthen your credibility and your ability to address technological issues by accompanying you to virtual meetings with suppliers, partners, customers or investors ;
  • Provide support to human resources, in order to validate the technical skills of current employees and new candidates ;
  • Protect your interests and your technology investment by ensuring collective code ownership, especially when working with external agencies.

Price: $12,500/month


Still have questions?


You can contact me anytime! I will make sure to return all messages within one business day, but in practice I will often respond immediately.

How many hours per week does that represent?

The number of hours per week varies according to your needs. If, at any time during our first 30 days, you decide I'm not meeting the commitments outlined here, simply request a refund and I'll send you a check, no questions asked.

What they say

Valérie and I share the same principles of transparency, openness, and respect. We value each individual’s contribution towards our common goal of Let’s Warp’s success. This alignment promotes a team effort that quickly bears fruit!

Being able to challenge, brainstorm, and openly discuss different approaches with Valerie allows us to make the best decisions. She reminds us of certain software development principles at the right times and explains why they are important.

Valerie’s technical expertise allows us to avoid mistakes and quickly guide us towards the right solutions, saving us from potential problems, as well as time and money. Her knowledge in software design and AWS, as well as her organizational skills, are significant assets. Valerie enables us to see our blind spots to make informed decisions.

While not claiming to know everything, which is impossible in such a changing world, Valerie knows where to look. Her passion and desire to learn mean that she quickly finds solutions to guide our teams.

For managers like me, Valerie is a perfect match! Trust is quickly established.

Jean-Francois Renaud, Head of Development at Let's Warp

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